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In the Getting Started Module:


You will experience the course and the learning environment

This is the first module of the full paid version of the course. You will see what it is like to learn with us and how the learning hub works.


You will learn how to get SketchUp up and running

In the module we cover what you can do with SketchUp, how to choose the right version of SketchUp for your needs, how to set up your SketchUp interface, how to customise your tool bar and much more! 


You will get excited about what is to come!

I will show you around our teaching model and explain the different techniques you are going to learn. I will also share how I use SketchUp in my own interior design business and what is possible with the software.


No credit card required

I am sharing this module to allow you to experience the course before paying anything for it. I want you to feel confident that the program is a good fit for you and what better way for you to find out than to experience it for yourself!

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